Aug/3, 2019 Sakura Fireworks Festival

Sightseeing information about Aug/3, 2019 Sakura Fireworks Festival in Japan.

Aug/3, 2019 Sakura Fireworks Festival4.2

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Sakura Fireworks Festival is held on the first Saturday in August each year at Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture. At Furusato Square on the shore of Lake Imbanuma, where there is a prominent Dutch windmill, visitors can enjoy many types of fireworks including No. 20 fireworks, which explode into large rings about 500 meters in diameter taking advantage of lakeside’s wide open space, a “Big Premium Star Mine,” which launches a series of 8,000 fireworks in 10 minutes in sync with music, fireworks that are launched from the surface of Lake Imbanuma and reflect off the water, and hand-held fireworks.

There is a special S venue (payment required), which people can watch the performance of cylindrical tubes held up in both hands that continually shoot fireworks.

Date: August 3, 2019 (Sat)
Time: 19:20~20:30
*In case of bad weather, it will be postponed to next day.
Venue: Sakura Furusato Square
Address: 2714 Usuita, Sakura City, Chiba
Access: a 30-40 mins walk from Usui Station of Keisei Line, a 40-50 mins walk from Sakura Station of Keisei Line

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enjoyed scenery and local food

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春はチューリップ、夏はヒマワリ、秋はコスモス そして桜と菜の花のコラボレーション! 来る人を飽きさせません! 素晴らしい所であり、千葉県が誇る観光地です。

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佐倉ふるさと広場 風車のひまわりガーデン周辺から眺める風景は様々。