Oct/25 - 26, 2019 Nakasu Festival

Sightseeing information about Oct/25 - 26, 2019 Nakasu Festival in Japan.

Oct/25 - 26, 2019 Nakasu Festival4.0

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 from 10/25 '19 to 10/26 '19


Nakasu Festival is held in the Nakasu entertainment district features teams of women wearing happi(Japanese classic short coats)and headbands carrying two traditional Japanese floats up and down the main streets of Nakasu.
The highlight of the festival is the "Nakasu Kunihiro Women's Mikoshi", in which about 500 women with happi coats run through the town of Nakasu carrying a portable shrine(mikoshi). It starts at 7:25p.m. on Oct.25, and 6:50p.m. on Oct.26.
The Nakasu Odori Avenue will be turned into a pedestrian paradise and lined up with many stalls offering foods, drinks and other items. Enjoy festival food stalls in a unique open-air venue, with live performances, karaoke, dance contests and the lively atmosphere of the Nakasu Festival!

On 24th will be a barhopping tournament! “Barhopping tournament” is an event that allows customers to enjoy drink and snacks at three stores in 90 minutes at a very cheap price.

Dates: October 25 - 26, 2019
Venue: Nakasu area
Access: a 3-min walk from Nakasu-kawabata Station

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