Oct/14 - 19 Doburoku Festival at Shirakawago

Sightseeing information about Oct/14 - 19 Doburoku Festival at Shirakawago in Japan.

Oct/14 - 19 Doburoku Festival at Shirakawago3.8

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 from 10/14 '19 to 10/18 '19


Doburoku is a kind of Japanese sake, alcohol made from rice. And Doburoku is unfiltered or unpressed after fermentation, so it is sometimes called the cloudy sake. It looks like rice porridge and tastes slightly sweet, and the alcohol percentage of Doburoku is 15 - 20%.
While it is banned to product alcoholic beverage in private in Japan, people in Shirakawa are given special permission to produce Doburoku for a limited amount for the festival.

Each year on October, Shirakawago in Gifu Prefecture, one of the most beautiful and scenic villages in Japan, takes the Doburoku Festival. People pray to the mountain god for safety and a good harvest, and offer Doburoku to show their gratitude.
From around 3PM after the Mikoshi parade with Shishimai Lion, Doburoku is offered to people gathered in the precincts. People there dance and sing folk songs.
Once you buy the sake cup in the Shrine precinct, you can drink as much as you want!
*DO NOT take Doburoku with you outside the shrine.

8:00- festival : Shinto rites Ceremony at a shrine
9:00- going round the town : Mikoshi Parade
15:00- blessing with Doburoku : in precincts of a shrine
15:30-17:00 offering Doburoku to people : in precincts of a shrine
15:30-17:00 dedicating the folk songs : at Hougei-den Hall in a shrine
19:00- dedicating Shishimai : in precincts of a shrine
21:00- dedicating public entertainment : at Hougei-den Hall in a shrine

Dates: October 14(Mon) - 19(Sat), 2019
Venue :
-Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine 14th-15th Oct.
-Hatogaya Hachiman Shrine 16th-17th Oct.
-Iijima Hachiman Shrine 18th-19th Oct.
Admission : Free
*Doburoku sake cup : 400 yen
Access :
-about a 50-mins bus ride from JR Takayama Station
-about 10 mins by car from Shirakawago IC of Tokai-hokuriku Expressway
Address : Shirakawa Village, Ohno District, Gifu Prefecture

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4.03 months ago

Small but nice shrine. Love the wooden structures

4.0a year ago

Came here on a Sunday and apparently the shrine is closed that day. This was my main reason for coming to Gifu and I couldn’t even see the Higurashi drawings that other fans made :’(

5.02 years ago

One of my best Japan experiences so far, and I've been here for almost a year already. The shrine complex is beautiful, surrounded by big trees and beautiful stone stairs and tori that lead you to your pray.
The staff was absolutely lovely, and they were astonished when I said I was from Brazil. They also had goshuin, one of my personal tasks in Japan, but it was a printed paper, which was then filled with and glued to my goshuin-cho.
Apparently the temple master or apprentices, usually responsible for the goshuin were not present at the moment.
They also have a museum about the Doburoku Festival, which is introduced by a 10 minute video about the preparation and costumes of this festivity.
You can then, proceed to the museum, getting to see all the instruments, costumes and live a little bit of the festival, while the festival music (a very traditional Japanese song) welcomes you in.
At the end of this tour within the festival history you are invited to taste the local sake, made only for the festivity. One of the temple staff were very kind to explain me that the sake is nowhere to be found but at that temple, and gave me a english cart explaining a bit more.
The sake is like nothing I have tasted before, it's still not completely matured, so you can see some of the rice still present. But it has a unique and strong taste (They told me it's around 15% alcohol content).

If you're visiting Shirakawa-go, the Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine is a must, specially if you are into temples and shrines like I am.

4.02 years ago

A silent and peaceful place with great old trees

4.03 years ago

very nice shrine!