Nov/3, 2019 The 58th Ujisato Festival

Sightseeing information about Nov/3, 2019 The 58th Ujisato Festival in Japan.

Nov/3, 2019 The 58th Ujisato Festival3.9

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Ujisato Gamo was a feudal lord in the Sengoku period, and built the Matsusaka Castle located in Mie Prefecture.
The Ujisato Festival is an annual festival to commemorate the achievements of Ujisato Gamo.
A total of 300 participants dressed in samurai costumes parade through the Matsusaka town.
Various fun events are scheduled and lots of stalls are lined up.

Venue : Matsusaka Castle and downtown of Matsusaka City
Date and Time : November 3, 2019 9:00~16:00
Admission : Free

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Purposeinstagrammable,that you'll never forget,Traditional folk,sightseeing
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3.0a year ago

Nice view on the city but not much to see.

4.0a year ago

Can feel history.

5.03 years ago

I love the sakura trees in this castle ruin. Also there is a Samurai's house here.

4.02 years ago

It needs more stuff on english

5.0a year ago

I want to go again.