Nov/16 - Dec/1, 2019 Light-up of Autumnal Foliage at Genkyu-en Gardens

Sightseeing information about Nov/16 - Dec/1, 2019 Light-up of Autumnal Foliage at Genkyu-en Gardens in Japan.

Nov/16 - Dec/1, 2019 Light-up of Autumnal Foliage at Genkyu-en Gardens3.8

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 from 11/16 '19 to 12/1 '19


Genkyu-en Garden is located to the north of Hikone Castle in Shiga Prefecture.
It was the castle lord's garden, made to recreate the famous Eight Views of Omi (in turn modeled on the Chinese "Eight Views of Xiaoxiang").The garden was constructed in the year 1677 by Ii Naoki , the 4th lord of Hikone.
A " Light-up of Autumnal Foliage" is held in the gardens each November, allowing visitors to experience a custom unique to the lord's gardens. Trees in the gardens make themselves up in red and yellow, is reflected in the grassy surface of the water below. That view is truly breathtaking.

" Light-up of Autumnal Foliage"
Venue : Genkyu-en Garden
Dates : November 16 - December 1, 2019
Hours : 18:00〜21:00 (Final entry at 20:30)
Entry Fees : 700 yen/adult 350 yen/elementary and junior high student
* You can't enter with a daytime ticket.

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5.02 months ago

Such a beautiful Japanese garden right outside Hikone Castle. I recommend visiting this garden right after you tour the castle.

4.0a year ago

A decent Japanese garden with a fantastic view of the keep if you want some scenic shots. Just wished it would be included in the main ticket but I found it worth the little extra they ask for.

4.06 months ago

Pretty garden by Hikone Castle

5.0a year ago

A nice castle park with good view of the castle. It's not a big garden but after walking up to and down from Hikone Castle, it's a nice place to feed on your Onigiri and other konbini material, sit in the shadow and just enjoy the view of the garden and Castle above the trees.

5.02 years ago

We went to the castle and stopped at the garden only because the ticket price also covered the garden entrance. It turned out to be exceeding our expectations. It's peaceful and pretty. There is a tea ceremony experience room for ¥500 each that's worth trying.