Nov/21 - Dec/6, 2020 Light-up of Autumnal Foliage at Genkyu-en Gardens

Sightseeing information about Nov/21 - Dec/6, 2020 Light-up of Autumnal Foliage at Genkyu-en Gardens in Japan.

Nov/21 - Dec/6, 2020 Light-up of Autumnal Foliage at Genkyu-en Gardens3.8

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 from 11/21 '20 to 12/6 '20


Genkyu-en Garden is located to the north of Hikone Castle in Shiga Prefecture.
It was the castle lord's garden, made to recreate the famous Eight Views of Omi (in turn modeled on the Chinese "Eight Views of Xiaoxiang").The garden was constructed in the year 1677 by Ii Naoki , the 4th lord of Hikone.
A " Light-up of Autumnal Foliage" is held in the gardens each November, allowing visitors to experience a custom unique to the lord's gardens. Trees in the gardens make themselves up in red and yellow, is reflected in the grassy surface of the water below. That view is truly breathtaking.

" Light-up of Autumnal Foliage"
Venue : Genkyu-en Garden
Dates : November 21 - December 6, 2020
Hours : 18:00〜21:00 (Final entry at 20:30)
Entry Fees : 700 yen/adult 350 yen/elementary and junior high student
* You can't enter with a daytime ticket.

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3.0a month ago

Not particularly good or bad. For a garden, it definitely is not in one of the top gardens' class like Kenrokuen... The size of the place itself is pretty large, huge, even, but once you walk in, the tea room in the lake and the castle over the lake are the best views- only views, actually- that you can possibly expect from this place.

Moreoever, the overall construction is... well... kind of rough, should I say, for a historic garden. There are no intricate designs or compositions that really 'Wow' you. However, since you came all the way to Hikone to tour the castle, I think you should look around the garden and perhaps, take a break on one of its benches. I give it three stars but still recommend it to any visitor to Hikone castle and the city. But I'd advise against anyone coming here for this garden only, of course.

5.07 months ago

While visiting Hikone castle during the sakura season of 2016, I took the opportunity to pass by the Genkyū-en Garden. This early in spring it's a bit pale as there are not so many cherry trees in its vicinity. But there are ponds, wooden bridges pine trees and tea houses. And from its uttermost farthest point you can see Hikone Castle and its reflection in the pond of the garden.
Genkyū-en Garden is a Japanese landscape garden with a central pond and a circular walking trail. It is built on the grounds of Hikone Castle in 1677 by Naoaki, the fourth Lord of Hikone, to entertain his guests and family. It is designed after a palace garden from Tang China.
There are four small islands scattered across the pond, connected by bridges. Hikone Castle's main keep stands on the hill behind the garden, serving as "borrowed scenery". A cluster of wooden buildings stand next to the pond. In the past, they served the entertainment of the Lord's guests.

5.011 months ago

I love the peaceful environment of this garden. It is a traditional Japanese garden and as I visited during autumn, the red maple makes it even more beautiful.

4.0in the last week

Lovely garden

5.0a year ago

Absolutely beautiful Japanese garden.
Highly recommended!