Jan/15 Nozawa Onsen Dousojin Festiival Cancled

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Jan/15 Nozawa Onsen Dousojin Festiival (Fire Festival)Cancled3.4

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 from 1/15 '21 to 1/15 '21


Dondo-yaki, an event you burn up new year ornaments has been held in many places around Nagano Prefecture.
Dousojin Festival (Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival) is one of the biggest Dondoyaki Festivals in Japan. And it is also counted as one of the three major fire festivals in Japan.

The trees are cut down in October and brought down from the mountain and through the village on January 13th prior to being made into a huge wooden structure or Shaden. After the shaden has been constructed, the priest from Kosuge shrine performs a ceremony endowing it with a dosojin.
The highlight on January 15th is a “fire-setting battle” which ends up with the setting fire of the Shaden with blazing torches by the offensive team and the offering of torches to the deity, making the festival truly spectacular and exciting.

Venue : Babanohara, Nozawaonsen-mura, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano
Date and Time : January 15, 19:00 - 23:00
Admission : Free
-a 20 mins bus ride from Togari Nozawa Onsen Station
-about 25 mins by car from Toyota-Iiyama IC

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Airport/Sta.stunan sta. (about 20.7km) Google Transit


5.011 months ago

Nozawa's annual festival, if you have the opportunity to participate, you must stay to the end, that is the climax!

4.011 months ago

It snows and the ground is slippery.The whole ceremony is about two hours from the beginning to the end, and it must be patient.

3.0a year ago

It is a stone monument erected quietly on the back street of a hot spring inn. When it comes to festivals, it's hard to imagine how (chemical) changes in peacetime. I am looking forward to the festival.

4.0a year ago

On the 15th of January each year, the Daozu God Festival is held. It is one of the three major fire festivals in Japan. The main participants are men of forty-two years old and twenty-five years old. There will be activities starting from the 13th, and the altar will be built from the mountains and the trees will be built down. There will be a chance to see at the Longboard Cable Car Station at around noon. If there are families with growing males in the village, they will offer "first lanterns" to pray for healthy growth for children. When the altar is burned, these lanterns will burn together. The scene is spectacular. During the ritual process, the forty-two-year-old will continue to throw straw at the altar. The villagers will ignite the straw and go to the altar. The 25-year-old man keeps on the altar and extinguishes the fire. It is constantly being beaten by the villagers with the burning straw. After the ceremony, it will set fire to the entire altar. When the whole altar is burned, there is a kind of inexplicable healing feeling, which is very recommended. It’s very cold at night. If you want to come out and see the scene, you must wear warmth. It’s very cold before the altar hasn’t burned. You can watch TV at the hotel to see where the ceremony is going. You don’t need to go out too early, pick the focus you like. Look at it, the venue people go early, of course, can stand a little ahead, but to stand for a long time, the temperature is very cold at night, some of the speeches in front, Taiko performances can watch TV at the hotel, just wait for the wonderful part to start again. You don't need to be too flustered to enjoy the festival leisurely.

5.011 months ago

Fire of Nozawa Onsen is the festival 2020.
One of Japan's three great fire festival, burns with such intensity are all purification.
Once by all means is the festival you want to see!