Nov/1 - 3 Onomichi Betcha Festival

Sightseeing information about Nov/1 - 3 Onomichi Betcha Festival in Japan.

Nov/1 - 3 Onomichi Betcha Festival3.7

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 from 11/1 '20 to 11/3 '20


The Onomichi Betcha Festival is a very unusual festival which designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Onomichi City.
Held each year over a three-day period from November 1st through 3rd, this festival features a procession with Mikoshi (portable shrines) that are carried through the town. Among them are three masked demons called "Beta", "Shouki", and "Soba" . As they lead the Mikoshi portable shrines through the streets, these demons, when goaded on by the surrounding crowds of onlookers following the beat of the drums and whistles, will use their "Iwaibou" (ceremonial rods) and "Sasara" (bamboo whisks) to strike the heads and poke the bodies of those around them. It is said that, by undergoing this "purification" ritual at the hands of the demons, one will receive many blessings, including children, greater intelligence and recovery from disease.

Venue : Ikkyu Shrine
Nov.1  Mikoshi Togyo Parade 18:00~
Nov.2  Festival Rite at Ikkyu Shrine 11:00~
Lottery 13:00 ~
Mai Dance Performance 18:00~
Taiko Drum Performance 18:20~
Live Music Performance 19:00~
Nov.3, Demon Procession through the city 7:30~18:30

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