Nov/7 - 8, 2020 Usuki Takeyoi (cancled)

Sightseeing information about Nov/7 - 8, 2020 Usuki Takeyoi (cancled) in Japan.

Nov/7 - 8, 2020 Usuki Takeyoi (Bamboo Lantern Festival)(cancled)4.0

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 from 11/7 '20 to 11/8 '20


"Usuki Takeyoi" is a beautiful bamboo lantern festival held in Usuki City, Oita.
Approximately 20,000 bamboo lanterns are lit to produce a fantastic atmosphere throughout the town.
The Usuki Stone Buddhas are a National Treasure of Japan and the pride of Usuki locals. The statues are believed to have been built under the order of a millionaire named Manano-chojya and his wife to console the spirit of their deceased daughter, Princess Hannya.
A legend has it that there was a beautifully crafted box portraying Princess Hannya, called tamaebako, that had been sent to the capital city. When it was returned to Usuki, the spirit of the princess came back with the box to her hometown to be with her beloved parents and daughter, Princess Tamae. Usuki Takeyoi Festival is based on this legend and is held yearly to welcome the spirit of Princess Hannya back to Usuki.
During the period, the "Princess procession" which reproduces the legend that the Spirit of Princess goes back to Usuki waiting for parents and daughter will be done. You can't miss that beautiful parade. Events such as live performances, tea ceremonies and concerts are also held in various places.

Dates : November 7 & 8, 2020
Venue : In and around Nioza Town, Usuki City, Oita
Access : a 10-min walk from Usuki Station

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4.09 months ago

The fantastic soft light unique to bamboo is delusional. . ‼ ️

4.0a year ago

It was fantastic and very good!

I wonder if there are a lot of lights in the bamboo. I had imagined that before I went, but it turned out to be impressive!

There was also an information desk, and I walked around after hearing what was beautiful and where I should go. Because I know that everyone knows well, because I walk in various directions, I can't see if I follow you ^^;

The atmosphere is a temple? The surroundings were calm and I was doing something like a concert.

However, it was crowded with a festive atmosphere on the busy street.

It was great to enjoy the liveliness of the festival and the calm atmosphere at the same time!

However, I went by car, but I thought I was approaching the site, but there was no place to park. There seemed to be a shuttle bus, and it was like an atmosphere where everyone came.

So I stopped at the hospital parking lot somewhere.

I'll be back soon! I came around with that thought, but I was really sorry.

If you are going to check the location of the parking lot in advance, I think it would be nice to go on a shuttle bus etc. and enjoy it slowly ^ ^

5.02 years ago

It was a very fantastic and good festival. The feeling that the area is united is also the best. There are lots of delicious homemade delicacies of local people, not openings of unsanitary tranquilizers whose reasons are not understood. Sword fish tasty 🎵
Another interesting thing was Miso Sake, which is a miso sipe. It can be brought home with 400 yen topped with miso once, but I can return home 2kg w ,,, It is heavy and heavy as it was about the site soon, but, It was sold out after passing the time w It is sold out w Anyone who participates think that it is better to assume that you will go back to the car w
It was a very fun festival Thank you people from Usuki 🎵 It is a wonderful festival です

4.0a year ago

Every year on the first Saturdays and Sundays of November we will do with rainy weapons. Until 2016 things such as objec- tives have appeared, but in recent years it was the object of Shinkoji? There is also a fantastic Usuki bamboo evening ceremony queue at autumn night There are shops There are a number of shuttle buses out of the car The car last year was a transparent Gagaku performance by Mr. Hideki Togi and last year was played by Tetsuya Komuro There was also

4.02 years ago

It is a bamboo lantern.
This is the earliest bamboo lantern festival in November in Oita prefecture.