Nov/9 - 10, 2019 Hita Tenryo Festival

Sightseeing information about Nov/9 - 10, 2019 Hita Tenryo Festival in Japan.

Nov/9 - 10, 2019 Hita Tenryo Festival3.9

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 from 11/9 '19 to 11/10 '19

Hita City in Oita is a former castle town and Mameda Town in the northern part of Hita developed in the early Edo Period. In Mameda Town, there are lots of old houses and traditional buildings, and the town is designated as Nationally selected Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings.
The Hita Tenryo Festival recreates the Hita region from the Edo period when the town flourished under the control of the Shogunate.
The festival features traditional folk performances and a Gundai representative procession with over 150 people dressed in costumes of Edo period.
There are also many food stalls selling local specialty and live music performances you can enjoy.
At night, Hita Sennen Akari (Bamboo Lantern Festival) which 30,000 bamboo lanterns are lit along the Kagetsu River is held.

The 40th Hita Tenryo Festival
Dates : November 9 & 10, 2019
Samurai Procession : Nov. 9 13:00 - 16:00

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