Nov Mid-late, 2020 Autumn at Mitake Gorge

Sightseeing information about Nov Mid-late, 2020 Autumn at Mitake Gorge in Japan.

Nov Mid-late, 2020 Autumn at Mitake Gorge3.6

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 from 11/14 '20 to 11/30 '20


Mitake Gorge (Mitake Valley) is a famous spot for viewing beautiful autumn foliage in Tokyo, located just a minute from Mitake Station.
Both sides of the gorge are covered in ginkgo and maple trees, you can enjoy viewing red and yellow autumn leaves while hiking.
There is a 4 kilometer-long trails that line the upstream of Tama River. Take a casual stroll and admire the breathtaking beauty of vivid ginkgo and maple leaves as they hang over the river's clear waters.

There is a large ginkgo tree which is 70 years old and 30-meter high, in front of the Gyokudo Museum. The area around this ginkgo tree will be lit up at night. Unfortunately the autumn festival was cancelled due to No.19 typhoon, the light-up event will be held as scheduled. You can enjoy watching taiko-drum performance or drinking non-alcoholic sake, called Amazake.

Date : November middle , 2020
Venue : Mitake Valley, Ome City
Address : 362-8 Mitake, Tokyo
Access : a minute walk from Mitake Station on JR Ome Line

Purposenight view,nature,mountain climbing,autumn foliage,sightseeing
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5.06 months ago

Scenic spot for rafting and bouldering.

5.0a year ago

Beautiful place. Not far from Tokyo.

5.0a year ago

A lovely natural place to enjoy picturesque scenery near Tokyo

5.02 years ago

Beautiful, and near the station. Getting there is a little confusing. Entrance is behind a bus stop. Car park available. Good swimming during summer. Lots of people having fun.

4.0a year ago

Very beautiful!