Nov/18 - 30, 2020 Kiyomizu Tempel Autumn Illumination and Special Night Viewing

Sightseeing information about Nov/18 - 30, 2020 Kiyomizu Tempel Autumn Illumination and Special Night Viewing in Japan.

Nov/18 - 30, 2020 Kiyomizu Tempel Autumn Illumination and Special Night Viewing4.3

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 from 11/18 '20 to 11/30 '20


Kiyomizu Temple (Kiyomizu-dera) ,with over 1,200 years of history, is one of the most famous and celebrated temples in Kyoto and also a UNESCO world Heritage site.
Autumn is the best time to visit, about 1,000 maple trees show their beautiful red colors. And you should not miss the special evening illumination! The view of light-up of autumn leaves and city lights seen from the main hall is simply breathtaking.

Special Night Viewing events are held when the autumn leaves are at their best. It is illuminated with gentle light, and a blue beam of light is shot into the sky from the temple, symbolizing the merciful heart of Kannon.
The temple’s wooden stage is offering an outstanding panoramic view of Kyoto rising out of a sea of maples.

*Kiyomizu temple is currently undergoing renovations on the main hall and stage area, but visitors are still permitted to enter the hall.

Kiyomizu Temple (Kiyomizu-dera) : 1-294 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Dates : November 18 - 30, 2020
Hours : 17:30~21:00
Admission :
General Admission: ¥400
Junior High School, Primary School: ¥200
Access :
From JR Kyoto Station⇒ City Bus Route 206 or 100⇒ Gojōzaka Bus Stop⇒ 10 minutes walking
From JR Kyoto Station⇒ Kyoto Bus Route 18⇒ Higashiyama Gojō Bus Stop⇒ 10 minutes walking

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Airport/Sta.Gion-Shijo sta. (about 1.6km) Google Transit


5.02 weeks ago

The main shrine is the worship place of the 11 faces thousand hands Avalokitasvara (Kannon)

The hall enshrines eleven-faced Thousand-Hand Guanyin.
Why worship Guanyin?
In 778, the place where the spirit spring visited by the enlightenment of the people of Yanzhen in their dreams is Otowa Mountain in Kiyomizu Temple. On the mountain there are practitioners who have practiced for hundreds of years (also known as the incarnation of Guanshiyin Bodhisattva), named Xingrui Layushi. Xing Rui left this place after leaving a sentence to the people in Yanzhen, "I'm going to the east country, I will leave this to you."
After Yanzhen carved the spiritual wood left by the layman Xingrui into a statue of Guanshiyin Bodhisattva, he placed it in Caoan, where it became Kiyomizu Temple.

5.03 weeks ago

The principal image is opened once every 33 years. The principal image is a really nice Kannon! Please take a look!

3.05 months ago

Due to the influence of corona, many shops on the approach road are closed.
It was good that the parking lot was vacant and could be stopped immediately.
I thought that the Kiyomizu-dera restoration work was completed, but the stage is still under restoration, so I would like to see it again after completion.

4.03 weeks ago

The stage was being renovated. But the autumn leaves are sloppy 🎵

4.05 months ago

I went to Kyoto on the second day.
There were not so many people and they were able to go around slowly.
It was a little disappointing that we were doing restoration work.