Jan/1, 2021 Tsuruga-jo Castle New Year's Day Visit

Sightseeing information about Jan/1, 2021 Tsuruga-jo Castle New Year's Day Visit in Japan.

Jan/1, 2021 Tsuruga-jo Castle New Year's Day Visit3.7

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 from 1/1 '21 to 1/1 '21


Tsuruga-jo Castle is open on New Year's Day.
Visitors can enjoy the amazing view of the 230,000 koku castle town from the 5-story castle tower.
The first 5000 visitors will receive an engi mashibera, a lucky rice paddle, which is exorcised and purified at Kogaikuni Shrine.
Come and get a scoop of luck for the new year.
The castle also holds New Year's Try Your Luck event and lottery.

Date : January 1, 2021
Venue : Tsuruga-jo Castle
Dates : 0:00~2:30 (final entry : 2:00)
8:30~17:00 (final entry : 16:30)
Address : 1-1 Otemachi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima
Tel. 0242-27-4005
Admission : 410 yen for adult, 150 yen for child
Access :
-take a bus from Aizuwakamatsu Station, and get off at Tsuruga-jo Kitaguchi (Tsuruga Castle North Exit)
-15 mins by car from Aizuwakamatsu Interchange

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Airport/Sta.Aizuwakamatsu Sta. (about 2.2km) Google Transit


4.04 months ago

Very nice place, the castle is not original but it is impressive. Worth a visit.

5.04 months ago

It was a rebuilt main keep of the castle. New but wonderful. Worth visit.
You can enjoy some photos with old day's wear in the front open space.

5.04 months ago

The 🍁 castle was rebuilt as a concrete reconstruction in the 1960s. In renovation works completed in 2011, the color of the roof tiles was reverted from grey to the original red, a unique color among Japanese castles. Visitors can climb to the top floor of the castle keep and look out onto the surrounding city. The inside of the building is an interesting museum with attractive displays about the history of the castle and the samurai lifestyle.🏯🌸

Tsuruga Castle is surrounded by Tsuruga Castle Park, which is rather impressive. The park has well tended lawns and cherry trees, which are particularly attractive when they are in bloom around mid April. The surrounding moat and stone walls, which previously served defensive purposes, now contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of the park.

4.03 months ago

Aizuwakamatsu castle is really nice to see. Inside of the castle, explanations on the history of Aizu and particularly the Boshin war is given. Aizu has a great history, and the description given is a good introduction to Tohoku, and more generally japanese history. I thus recommend to visit !
The 360° view from the top is also impressive, and a nice photo spot.
In addition, there is a tea ceremony house to visit, with the possibility to enjoy some tea and relax a bit...

3.02 months ago

Looks like a replica not really succeeded. The parks are quite nice.