Jan/1, 2020 Nishikata Water Festival

Sightseeing information about Jan/1, 2020 Nishikata Water Festival in Japan.

Jan/1, 2020 Nishikata Water Festival3.5

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Nishikata Water Festival in Fukushima Prefecture is the annual event marking the start of the traditional New Year.
People splash water each other to pray for perfect health, prosperity of descendants, and rich harvest.
It is said that the lord of Nishikata Castle, Chiba Kiinokami, had started this festival to encourage citizens during 1573~1591.
The festival is also called Mud Festival.

Date : January 1st
Hours : 12:00 ~
Venue : around Shiogama Shrine
Address : 384 Nakanouchi, Nishikara, Miharumachi, Fukushima
Tel. 0247-62-3690

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