Dec/3 Morotabune Ritual

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 from 12/3 '19 to 12/3 '19


The Morotabune Ritual is a Shinto ritual taking place on December 3 each year at Miho Shrine in Shimane Prefecture, re-enacting a famous episode of the Kojiki, "Records of Ancient Matters", written 1300 years ago. The ritual is based on the story of land offering in the oldest extant chronicle in Japan, Kojiki, that a god called Kotoshironushi(or Ebisu) gave up the land.

The Morotabune Ritual mainly consists of a race between 2 boats with the rowers wearing traditional white clothes. 9 rowers chosen by drawing lots ride on each boat and row the boat from Mihonoseki Harbour to Marodo Shrine. They row 2 boats through the water side by side while lifting their oars to splash water on each other. And the faster who arrives at the shrine is winner of the race.
Morotabune Boats are valuable assets in studying the ancient shipbuilding skill, and designated as an important tangible folk-cultural property.

On December 2nd, the eve of the festival, the traditional dances are performed and Amazake drink is offered.

Date : December 3, 2019 13:00~15:00
Venue : Mihonoseki Harbor in Matsue City, Shimane
Access :
-take a Mihonoseki Community Bus from Sakaiminato Station and get off at Miho Shrine
-about 40-min drive from Kawazu IC

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