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Dec/23 Shimekake Ritual (Laughing Ritual) live stream3.8

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 from 12/23 '20 to 12/23 '20


Hiraoka Shrine holds the Laughing Ritual every year on December 23 to laugh off every trouble or misfortune happened in this year and pray for good luck of next year. From 10 AM on Dec.23, about 4,000 people gather at Hiraoka Shrine and laugh for nor reason for 20 minutes.

Japanese myth holds that laughter has its origins in the legend of the sun goddess Amaterasu, in an episode where the gods laughed together to coax her out of seclusion in a cave. They say a Shimenawa (Shinto rope) was placed on the cave to prevent Amaterasu from ever hiding herself away there again.
Known popularly as the "Laughing Ritual" or "Owarai-shinji," the ceremony consists of removing the old Shimenawa rope and purifying a new one before joining together to literally laugh off all of the events of the old year, greeting the new year with positivity and enthusiasm.

After the laughing ritual, the Laughing Contest, Taiko Drum Performance, and the traditional dancing will be performed.

Date : December 23
8:30 ~ changing the Shimenawaw rope
10:00 ~ Laughing Ritual
Venue : Hiraoka Shrine (7-16 Izumoicho, Higashiosaka City, Osaka)
Access : Hiraoka Station on Kintetsu Nara Line

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4.03 years ago

Hiraoka Shrine Suezen Tenjinji Shrine
Tianjin God (ア マ ツ カ ミ) and Kunitsu God (Cri) are worshiped
There is Tianjin God, which is where Amaterasu God (the imperial ancestor of the Imperial Family and Japanese Goddess) is located, etc.
In the god of Takamagahara
It is said that Kunizu-jin is an indigenous god who is said to have ruled the country before descending from Takamagahara to the ground of Takachiho Hyuga like the great power lord.
Anyway, because it ’s a story about Gods, it ’s hard to understand.
Sole may be a good one.

The shrine is located at the Hiraoka Shrine where the shrine is located at the foot of Mt.Ikoma.
He was enshrined in a quiet Kono place

5.03 years ago

It seemed to be enshrined, and the bulletin board of the stairs showed many gods of what village. I was eager to have the same benefits as visiting most shrines.

4.0a year ago

I look forward to seeing Futon drums every fall festival

4.03 years ago

Nostalgic place.

4.02 weeks ago