Nov/14 - Dec/6, 2020 Atami Plum Garden Momiji Festival

Sightseeing information about Nov/14 - Dec/6, 2020 Atami Plum Garden Momiji Festival in Japan.

Nov/14 - Dec/6, 2020 Atami Plum Garden Momiji Festival4.0

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 from 11/14 '20 to 12/6 '20


Atami Plum Garden (Atami Baien), famous for its early blooming plum blossoms, is also a nice spot for viewing autumn leaves.
There are approximately 380 maple trees in the garden, and the fall foliage in here is described as "the latest-changing autumn leaves in Japan" because of Atami's warm climate.
The view from the observatory is the best highlight.
During the festival, you can enjoy foot bathes and get a chance to participate in the Photo Contest of Atami Plum Garden Momiji Festival, and there will be other events such as Sunday Jazz Concert and Momiji Light-up.

Dates : November 14 - December 6, 2020
Hours : lit-up16:30~21:00
Venue : Atami Plum Garden (8-11, Baen-cho, Atami, Shizuoka)
Admission : Free
Access :
-From Atami Station, take a train of JR Ito Line and get off at Kinomiya Station, from there walk for 10 minutes.
-From Atami Station, take a bus for Baien and Ainohara for 15 minutes, get off at Baien

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5.04 months ago

The Atami Plum Garden is one of those amazing places you catch on the breeze before these beautiful blossoms catch your eye. With over 450 trees and 60 species, it’s a perfect, must-visit place to enjoy a taste of spring in February.

4.02 months ago

Very nice and relaxing place. And it's free.

4.04 months ago

Beautiful view with beautiful flowers.

3.05 months ago

30min walk from the beach and Atami station. If you stayed in a hotel in Atami the entrance fee is only 100yen and they give you a complimentary cup of amazake. There was a yo-yo performer so that was an interesting experience! So many different kinds of plums and flowers

5.011 months ago

Nice walking trails, relaxing