Feb/11, 2020 Takachiho Kenkoku Festival

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Feb/11, 2020 Takachiho Kenkoku Festival3.4

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 from 2/11 '20 to 2/11 '20


The Takachiho district of Kyushu is said to be the place where the deity of heaven found in Japanese legend, descended to govern the world. A magnificent Kagura festival is held from November through to February in Takachiho, called "Yokagura of Takachiho".

Every February 11th, Takachiho Town takes place the main festival of heaven.
This festival celebrates the mythical ’founding of the nation’ day with a ’goddess’ contest and a beard contest. People select the goddess and the god of the year. The lucky winners lead a parade of 800 people dressed as Japanese gods. They parade down approximately 1.4 km long street from Takachiho Shrine to Kushifuru Shrine.
Besides the parade, there are various events such as a dance performance, a bazaar, and a local food serving.

Date : February 11
Hours : 9:30 - 16:00
God Parade : 11:00 - 13:00
Venue : Takachiho Town, Nishi-Usuki-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture
Access :
- about 3 hours by bus from JR Kumamoto Station
- about a 40 mins drive from Kurata IC

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