Jan/10, 2021 Dainichi Buddha Waraji Mikoshi Festival

Sightseeing information about Jan/10, 2021 Dainichi Buddha Waraji Mikoshi Festival in Japan.

Jan/10, 2021 Dainichi Buddha Waraji Mikoshi Festival3.7

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 from 1/10 '21 to 12/10 '20


The 4-meter long and 300-kg weigh huge Waraji sandals made from straw rope is dedicated to the statue of Dainichi Buddha (Dainichi Nyorai) at Takahata Town in Yamagata Prefecture.
On January 12th, Dainichi Nyorai Waraji Mikoshi Festival is held and half naked men parade thorough the town while carrying the huge Waraji sandals on top of the portable shrine to pray for good health.
The highlight of the festival is the scene that local people along the street throw water over the men carrying a mikoshi portable shrine. At night, lanterns made of snow lit the town and you can enjoy viewing the torch parade.

Date : January 10, 2021
Hours :
15: 00 Waraji Mikoshi(portable shrine) Parade
18:00 Snow Lantern Light-up
18:30 Torch Parade
19:00 Burning Bonfire

Venue : Takahata Shopping Street
Address : Takahata-machi, Higashi-Okitama, Yamagata Prefecture
Access : 10 mins by car from JR Takahata Station

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