Feb/11, 2019 Kase-dori Festival

Sightseeing information about Feb/11, 2019 Kase-dori Festival in Japan.

Feb/11, 2019 Kase-dori Festival3.4

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 from 2/11 '20 to 2/11 '20


Kasedori Festival is a traditional customs of Kamiyama City, which is handed down from the Edo period to pray for a bumper crop and business prosperity where young people covered in straw coats called Kendai are splashed with cold water from a bucket. Starting from Kamiyama Castle, the participants will parade around the city. Do come and watch this spectacle and get splashed by water.
The Kasedori is said to be the incarnation of a god. And it is believed that the god resides in each of the straws that drop off from the Kendai straw coat and thus it is treated as a lucky charm. It is also said that if you tie the hair of a baby girl with the straw of the Kasedori, she will grow up into a beautiful lady with rich, black hair.
Those who will be Kasedori are invited openly for anybody by Kamiyama City Tourism Association every year. And not only Japanese men, some women and visitors from other countries also join the Kasedori.

Date : February 11, 2020
Hours : 10:00 ~ 15:15
Venue : Kamiyama Castle ~ Kamiyama City downtown
Access :
- a 10-mins walk from Kaminoyama-Onsen Station
- a 5-mins drive from Kaminoyama-Onsen IC on Tohoku Expressway

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