Jan/9, 2021 Fuke Fire Festival

Sightseeing information about Jan/9, 2021 Fuke Fire Festival in Japan.

Jan/9, 2021 Fuke Fire Festival3.6

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 from 1/9 '21 to 1/9 '21


It is not opened for the vistors this year。
Every second Saturday of January, Fire Festival is held at Sumiyoshi Shrine in Shiga.
This festival, which has been running for 800 years, stems from an episode during the Kamakura period(1185–1333) when an emperor was cured of a disease after an evil mythical dragon was burned away. It is said that the dragon’s body remained in Katsube as its head flew to Fuke where Sumiyoshi Shrine is located. At both shrines, torches that resemble the dragon’s head or body is burned as young men dance wildly to pray for good health.
Around 6:30 p.m., local men carrying a huge taiko-drum or holding a torch or a drumstick parade through the town and head to the shrine. Then the six huge torches of 5-m long are set the fire, and half naked men dance wildly around the blazing fire with the powerful calls of “Heiyu! Heiyu!”.

Date : January 9, 2021
Hours : 9:00~21:00
Venue : Sumiyoshi Shrine (152 fuke-cho, Moriyama City, Shiga)
Access : a 10-min walk from Moriyama Station
Admission : Free

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5.09 months ago

Flirt castle ruins. The forest of guardians behind is wonderful. As an important archaeological site, I want to cherish it for posterity.

3.02 years ago

The fire festival at Katsube Shrine is famous, but here too, the fire festival is held every year. It begins when the men in the loincloth ignite, and when the fire is lit on the torches, it burns up.
It was very powerful that the torch was burning up close.

4.0a year ago

Sumiyoshi Shrine

Sumiyoshi Jinja

152 Ukimachi, Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture


Sumiyoshi God

Kushidama life

Rush speed

With the Sumiyoshi god who is a water god
Mr. Monobe's god
It is worshiped

It seems that the fire festival is famous

1.02 years ago

The fire festival that is forced every year is very unpopular from the neighborhood because it is extremely annoying. Isn't it embarrassing for companies and individuals who are overhanging the precincts as sponsors to pay for such annoying acts that can no longer be called Shinto rituals?

A huge torch several meters long is lit by a number of fires, and an amateur burns them as he pleases. Like the video posted, the crying of children with smoke in their eyes and mouth echoes throughout the city. Ash and smoke are floating around, and no safety control is done. The road in front of the shrine is very narrow and cannot accommodate a normal fire engine. It doesn't matter when the fire spreads to the surrounding buildings and trees. Furthermore, naked men wander around and make noise, which is very annoying. Of course, there is no greeting to the neighborhood before or after.

5.02 years ago