Feb/1 - 22, 2020  Lake Yamanaka DIAMOND FUJI WEEKS

Sightseeing information about Feb/1 - 22, 2020  Lake Yamanaka DIAMOND FUJI WEEKS in Japan.

Feb/1 - 22, 2020  Lake Yamanaka DIAMOND FUJI WEEKS4.0

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 from 2/1 '20 to 2/22 '20


Diamond Fuji is the phenomenon that occurs when the sun rise or set in alignment with the peak of Mt.Fuji to shine bright like a diamond. It can be viewed only in fall and winter. The period during early-February and middle-February is the best time to see the Diamond Fuji, and is called DIAMOND FUJI WEEKS.
On February 15, "Lake Yamanaka Ice Candle Festival" is held at Lake Yamanaka Communication Plaza Kirara, and you can watch the Diamond Fuji, thousands of ice candles, and a fireworks display.

Date : February 1 - 15, 2020 at sunset
Venue : Shores of Lake Yamanaka

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