Feb/17 - 20, 2020  Hachinohe Enburi Festival

Sightseeing information about Feb/17 - 20, 2020  Hachinohe Enburi Festival in Japan.

Feb/17 - 20, 2020  Hachinohe Enburi Festival3.8

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 from 2/17 '20 to 2/20 '20


Hachinohe Enburi Festival is one of the 5 biggest snow festivals in Tohoku area of Japan.
Designated as an National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property, the “Hachinohe Enburi” is a local dance performance expressing prayers for a good harvest. The dance is said to take its name from a farm tool called “eburi” (or “iburi/yusaburi"), which makes flattens the ground. It is a ritual for shaking the gods of the fields to wake them up and to put the people’s spirits into the earth.
The dancers, called Tayu, wear large, brilliantly-ornamented eboshi hats in the shape of horses' heads. Enburi’s most unique and distinctive feature is these hats and the way the dancers wearing them shake their heads around in wide arcs. The dance expresses the entire set of actions involved in rice cultivation, including sowing seeds and planting seedlings.
There are two types of dance: one called the Nagaenburi with slow movements and the other called the Dosaienburi with a quick tempo. Between those dances, other dances are performed, including dances for celebration, such as Matsu no Mai, Ebisu Mai, and Daikoku Mai, and the one called "Enko-enko" which is performed by children.

Dates : February 17 - 20, 2020

Dedicatory Suri Dance at Choja Shinra Shrine : February 17 7:00 AM~
Enburi Procession ・ Simultaneous Suri Dancing at Downtown Hachinohe : February 17 10:00~11:20
Enburi Performances(Fee required) : February 17 & 18 13:00~16:00
Enburi Photo Session : at Nejo Castle Ruins : February 18 & 19 11:00~
Enburi Open Performances at the public square in front of Hachinohe City Hall : February 19 & 20 13:00~、14:00~
Kagaribi (Bonfire) Enburi at the public square in front of Hachinohe City Hall : February 17 - 20 18:00~、19:00~、20:00~
Oniwa Enburi(Fee required / Reservation required)
February 17 - 18 16:00~、18:00~、20:00~
February 19 - 20 17:00~、19:00~

Chojasan Shinra Shrine : 1-6-10 Choja, Hachinohe City, Aomori
Hachinohe City Hall : 1-1 Uchimaru, Hachinohe City, Aomori
Nejo Castle Site : 47 Aza-Nejo, Oaza Nejo, Hachinohe City, Aomori

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