Mar/3, 2021 Shunto-e Ceremony at Sanjusangen-do Temple

Sightseeing information about Mar/3, 2021 Shunto-e Ceremony at Sanjusangen-do Temple in Japan.

Mar/3, 2021 Shunto-e Ceremony at Sanjusangen-do Temple3.2

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 from 3/25 '21 to 3/25 '21


Sanjusangen-do Temple in Kyoto, famous for 1001 Kannon goddess statues, holds a "Shunto-e Ceremony", or Peach Festival, as a part of Hina Doll Festival.
The main hall will be opened for visitors, and the Hina Dolls are displayed next to the 1001 Kannon Statue.
Only on this day, a special "peach amulet" as a protective charm for women, will be sold. (500 yen)

Date : March 3, 2021
Hours : 9:00〜15:30 (Closed at 16:00)
Venue : Rengeo-in, Sanjusangendo Temple
Address : 657 Sanjusangendomawari, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto
Admission : Free
Access : take a bus No.100 or 206 or 208 from Kyoto Station, and get off at Sanjusangendo-mae stop.

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Purposespiritual places,Traditional folk,women,shrine/temple,sightseeing
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4.06 months ago

This is Sanjusangendo. The Kannon image inside cannot be photographed.

4.0a month ago

It was a little underwhelming for us, but we loved the peaceful gardens and the pop of bright orange from the darker style wood. When we went, no pictures were allowed inside, but the golden statues inside were absolutely stunning. Recommend if you're in the area.

Note: Visited prior to Covid, so things may be different.

5.05 months ago

Very pretty temple. One of the best ones i have been to~

4.0a year ago

The temple itself offers nothing special. But what you find inside is.
After removing your shoes you will be walking through a hallway. In the middle you will see a huge Buddah meditating. He is not alone as on his left are 500 statues, same of his right. It is nice to appreciate something a few hundred years old. If you pay attention you will see that each face is different! Quite a good work! For an impressive look, stand on one of either side of the room, align with the first row of statues, and look at them. The garden looks beautiful too. As of February 2020 the entrance fee for an adult is 600Y. Taking photos is prohibited inside the temple.

5.0a week ago

I would highly recommend this place to all Indians and you will definately see indian roots in this temple! A must visit place in Kyoto!