Mar/14, Mar/15, Apr/3 Seiryu-e Festival

Sightseeing information about Mar/14, Mar/15, Apr/3 Seiryu-e Festival in Japan.

Mar/14, Mar/15, Apr/3 Seiryu-e Festival3.6

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 from 3/14 '20 to 3/15 '20


Blue Dragon(Seiryu, in Japanese) is one of the 4 Gods protecting Kyoto City. And Brue Dragon guards the Higashiyama area to the east, where Kiyomizu-dera Temple is located. It is said that the blue dragon visits the waterfalls of Kiyomizu-dera Temple to drink each night.
To honor the blue dragon, Kiyomizu-dera Temple holds "Seiryu-e Festival" in Spring and Autumn.
The highlight of the festival is Dragon Parade, where a 18-m long huge dragon with 8,000 scales carried by 50 men parade around the temple accompanied by the priests, Yasha God, 4 Devas, and 16 good deities.
Kyomizu-dera temple and streets will be filled with the sound of traditional instruments and energetic dancing of dragon.

Dates : March 14, 15, April 3
Hours : 14:00~
Admission : 400 yen
Venue : Kiyomizu Temple (1-294 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama, Kyoto)

PurposeFestivals,world heritage,Traditional folk,shrine/temple,sightseeing,let's hang out!
Airport/Sta.Gion-Shijo sta. (about 1.6km) Google Transit


5.03 months ago

This was a very cool temple to visit. We skipped the purification with the water (for health, wealth and beauty) but watched others partake. The structure itself is impressive. The grounds were large and nice to walk. There were many people, but I think the crowds weren't as large as usual. We enjoyed our visit here and would recommend if you're in Kyoto.

3.03 months ago

Very cool and unique temple, the main pavilion is beautiful and creatively engineered. Outside of that it’s similar to most of the temples we visited in Japan and for me was not a must see but for those that are into visiting temples and shrines, you will enjoy this one. The long road that leads up to this temple is full of cool shops and food, I had one of my favorite Japanese treats here, a super delicious and freshly made Nikuman (Japanese pork bun), you must try one while in Japan.

5.02 weeks ago

Amazing to visit, we went midday probably recommend going early or towards the evening to miss the peak times but have to see it. Highly recommend just walking to the top just to escape the majority of others!

5.04 months ago

A world heritage site that is a must see when in Kyoto. Prepare for a trek going up the site. Should you get tire, the street leading up are full of stores and souvenir shops to keep you refreshed and will provide you a great memento of your visit.

There are some maintenance work being done that restricted s visit to some of the temple areas. Nonetheless there are other awesome places to see within the complex.

Going back down you will find yourself within walking distance of Gion, the geisha district. Lots of food places to enjoy

5.03 months ago

My experience here was memorable. I entered a tunnel, shoes off, it was really dark and I had to trust the railings. I can only hear the voices of other tourists. It was a short walk in the dark, but when I saw THE Buddha inside, the light inside, it was all worth it. I wasn't scared. I had faith that I will see the Buddha.
The whole temple is beautiful. The streets on the way up. It has a lot of street foods and souvenirs to try. Though some of the restaurants are quite expensive.
Inside, are lots of temples with a beautiful view. It was on the top. Too many tourists. It is worth a climb. ❤️💯