Mar/14, Mar/15, Apr/3 Seiryu-e Festival

Sightseeing information about Mar/14, Mar/15, Apr/3 Seiryu-e Festival in Japan.

Mar/14, Mar/15, Apr/3 Seiryu-e Festival3.6

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 from 3/14 '20 to 3/15 '20


Blue Dragon(Seiryu, in Japanese) is one of the 4 Gods protecting Kyoto City. And Brue Dragon guards the Higashiyama area to the east, where Kiyomizu-dera Temple is located. It is said that the blue dragon visits the waterfalls of Kiyomizu-dera Temple to drink each night.
To honor the blue dragon, Kiyomizu-dera Temple holds "Seiryu-e Festival" in Spring and Autumn.
The highlight of the festival is Dragon Parade, where a 18-m long huge dragon with 8,000 scales carried by 50 men parade around the temple accompanied by the priests, Yasha God, 4 Devas, and 16 good deities.
Kyomizu-dera temple and streets will be filled with the sound of traditional instruments and energetic dancing of dragon.

Dates : March 14, 15, April 3
Hours : 14:00~
Admission : 400 yen
Venue : Kiyomizu Temple (1-294 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama, Kyoto)

PurposeFestivals,world heritage,Traditional folk,shrine/temple,sightseeing,let's hang out!
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4.04 weeks ago

Best temple in Kyoto/Japan. Must see, you have not been in Kyoto if you did not visit, the structure is massive, it was built on a slope, the wooden support is spectacular when you see it from the side. There is a long walk up, the area is spacious The main temple has a lot to see try to go every corner to discover . The visit is pleasant, you can spend hrs here no problem. Try to read a little history before you come it will make the trip more interesting. The shops leading to the entrance are interesting and unique. Too many people, under construction with no notice.

4.0a month ago

One of the best and largest traditional Buddhist temple. Very crowded with tourists and students. The main architecture building external is under maintenance, internal still open for visitors. A small token fee to enter the main building. The fall colors were fabulous. A short hike enables you to view the city from the top. At night, the illumination lightning was marvelous. Shrine / trees and gardens were light out. Professional photographers were on standby with tripods and cameras, waiting to capture the best moment. We took a lot of photos. Good selection of food stalls outside the shrine for refreshments. If you would like to stay for the illumination light, visit after your lunch. But, wear warm clothing as it is cold.

4.0in the last week

One star less because the main hall observation deck is still under restoration. However the autumn foliage scenery is beautiful. Pity that I arrived during sunset and the night illumination period has ended. Autumn foliage view are to be enjoy during day time under bright sunlight. It gives a vibrant color to your eyes and camera.

5.0a week ago

Old street and Temple. You can enjoy wearing kimono Japanese Traditional Dress from young to adult and walk around take some photos as a good memory. You can many things to remind you of this beautiful place. Good for family.

5.02 weeks ago

a total awesome place to visit. There is also a food course for people to relax and enjoy the tradition japanese noodle soup here. Price is very affordable. You will need to walk a lot so be well prepared. Make sure bring water and wear shoes. Actually many people wear kimonos here and i love the sight. When you are on top of this mountain, you can see many things around. I love the way Japan protect their history temple and pagoda. Enjoy your time here!!!