Feb/15, 2020  Takisanji Ogre Festival

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Feb/15, 2020  Takisanji Ogre Festival3.9

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Takisanji Ogre Festival, with over 800 years history, takes place at Takisanji Temple in Aichi each year on Saturday closest to February 7th.
The festival features 3 males(42, 25, and 12 year old, selected randomly from local men) wearing grandfather, grandmother and grandchild Ogre masks made by Unkei. These 3 masked ogres are entrusted with the responsibility of driving evil out from the temple.
In accordance with tradition, the masked ogres must spend seven days isolated from the outside world before the festival to ensure that they have cleansed all evil and sin from their bodies. During this time they are banned from interacting with women and eating animals with four limbs. All their meals must be served by men.

The highlight of the festival is a valiant fire ceremony, in which the ogres are being chased away with fire and noise. The men in white clothes are chasing the ogres around the main hall while hitting the burning torches hard against the balustrades of the decks. The big bamboo torch placed in the center of the precinct bursts with big noises and fire sparks are falling like powder snow. The fire on the big torch is flaming up as if it is going to burn the main hall. The dance performed by the ogres is very gallant. After the ceremony, people pick up the burned-out bamboo branches and bring them home as a talisman to get rid of ill-luck.

Date : February 15, 2020
Venue : Takisanji Temple
Address : 107 Aza-Yamagomori, Taki-cho, Okazaki City, Aichi
Addmission : Free
Access : take the Meitetsu Bus from Higashi Okazaki Station, and get off at Takisanji-shita

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