Feb/27 - 28, 2021 "Katsuyama Sagicho Festival"

Sightseeing information about Feb/27 - 28, 2021 "Katsuyama Sagicho Festival" in Japan.

Feb/27 - 28, 2021 "Katsuyama Sagicho Festival" 3.7

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 from 2/27 '21 to 2/28 '21


No festival program in 2021.
"Katsuyama Sagicho Festival" takes place annually on the final Sat & Sunday of February in Katsuyama City, Fukui. This 300-year old festival marks the coming of Spring and be held to pray for a good harvest of the year.
The festival features 12 large Yagura turrets(wooden high stages) erected around the town where local performing arts such as Shamisen, Japanese flutes, and traditional dances are demonstrated by local people wearing beautiful kimono.
On the final night of the festival, New Year's ornaments and decorations are burned on the banks of Kuzuryu River, it called "Dondo-yaki" ceremony.

Dates : February 27 - 28, 2021
Taiko Drum Performance : SAT, 1 p.m.~
Dondo-yaki Ceremony : SUN, 8 p.m.~
Venue : Katsuyama City, Benten Ryokuchi Park
Access : a 5-min walk from Katsuyama Station
By Car : 40 mins from Fukui-kita IC

PurposeFestivals,Traditional folk,night view
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