Feb/29, 2020 Echigo-Tsumori Snow Firewokrs

Sightseeing information about Feb/29, 2020 Echigo-Tsumori Snow Firewokrs in Japan.

Feb/29, 2020 Echigo-Tsumori Snow Firewokrs3.1

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 from 2/29 '20 to 2/29 '20


Echigo-Tsumari in Niigata is known as a heavy snowfall area where the snow depth is around 3 meter every winter.
"SNOWART" is a special winter event held annually at Echigo-Tsumori Art Field, which highlights the beauty of snow country through art. Small LED lights are handed out to visitors at the venue, and they bury the LED lights inside the snow for creating a glowing flower field.
As a main attraction of the SNOWART festival, "Echigo-Tsumori Snow Firewokrs" is held on February 29th. This is a spectacular event that illuminates the pure white snowfield. Repeated firing called "Starmine" fireworks bring a thousand colors to the winter's night sky.
There is also a show by artist Kyota Takahashi named "Gift for Frozen Village" which uses snow blowers and lights to show the snow from a new perspective. Besides, there are a number of food stalls set up selling delicious local cuisine.

Date: February 29, 2020
Venue : Atema Kogen Resort, Belnatio
Access : take a free shuttle bus from Tokamachi Sation
*NOT allowed to come by your own car

Hours :
Food Booth ... 15:00 - 20:00
Gift for Frozen Village 2020 ... 16:00 - 19:30
Echigo-Tsumori Snow Firewokrs Show ... 18:30~

Admission :
Snow Fireworks Ticket : Adult 3,000 yen, Child 1,000 yen
Special Ticket (for snow fireworks, special exhibitions, and SNOWART) : Adult 3,500 yen, Child 1,200 yen

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4.05 months ago

High C/P value, awesome breakfast buffet. Good place for casual traveling. The only problem is far from city central and station.

4.04 months ago

Nice hotel. Check in staff only speaks survival English (I guess enough for check in). Dinner and breakfast buffet is nice, not located at ski park.

4.0a year ago

Retiree orientated friendly resort.
Can rent bicycles to move around.
Has a pond which can fish too.

5.0a year ago

It is a good resort area with a golf course. it allows you to play alone with electric or hand cart. unfortunately, until the end of April, the area is covered with deep snow. During the opening week, it will cost you $50-60. It is a good deal.
Good hotel with wedding setting, and restaurant, with make you happy if the weather is nice as it is on the plateaux of Atema Kogen.

4.02 years ago

Excellent facilities, staff are extremely helpful, there are many activities to be involved in, great place to stay any time of the year. Wide variety of food for any taste with different dinning experiences available.