early-Apr, 2021 Higashi-Agatsuma Daffodil Festival

Sightseeing information about early-Apr, 2021 Higashi-Agatsuma Daffodil Festival in Japan.

early-Apr, 2021 Higashi-Agatsuma Daffodil Festival4.0

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 from 4/3 '21 to 4/18 '20


Higashi-agatsuma Town in Gunma is one of the most famous places in Japan for wild daffodils. The flowers will be in full bloom throughout the town from around early to mid-April. Nearly 300,000 daffodils can be seen in the fields next to Shinsui Park. Next to the fields is a colonnade of about 120 cherry trees that runs for nearly a kilometer. Come and smell the fresh scent of the daffodils while gazing at their white and yellow petals, which spread out over the field like a carpet under the pink-colored cherry blossoms that hang down like curtains.

Date : April , 2020
Venue : Iwai Shinsui Park
Address : Iwai, Higashi Agatsuma-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma
Access : about 10 mins by taxi from Nakanojo Station
*free shuttle buses run from Gumma-Haramachi Sta. and Nakanojo Sta.
Admission : Free

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5.06 months ago

Beautiful & Natural place gumma ken japan.

5.02 years ago

Prime location to see the daffodils and sakura blooming. In the spring time, there is a festival that takes place here as well. Aside from the festival, this area is very quiet and calm, which is great for walking your dog, a picnic, or a short walk with children. I recommend coming here to see the sunset. The colors you will see are brilliant!

4.02 years ago

Peaceful atmosphere

4.06 months ago

I went there for the first time after seeing the newspaper. It was really beautiful. It was wonderful to see the yellow daffodils and cherry blossoms together. It was easy to understand because there was a staff member who guided the parking lot widely. However, on the way back, there were cars coming in from the right turn prohibition, and although the cars passed each other, it was finally crowded.

3.0a month ago

Today is the trout release day of the Agatsuma Fisheries Cooperative. Many anglers are visiting us. Hakoschi with a strong pull was also released! ️