Mar-late,2021 Satte Sakura Festival

Sightseeing information about Mar-late,2021 Satte Sakura Festival in Japan.

Mar-late,2021 Satte Sakura Festival4.1

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 from 3/20 '21 to 4/4 '20


Festival stalls is not open in 2021.
Gongendo Park in Satte City, is one of Saitama’s most famous Sakura viewing spots.
Approximately 1,000 cherry trees that stretch a kilometer create a beautiful Sakura tunnel.
There are about 100 festival stalls lined up, and various events such as a Haiku poem contest, a tea ceremony, a local food market, and more, are scheduled.
In addition, cherry trees are illuminated in the night and it creates a fantastic world different from daytime.

Venue : Gongendo Park
Address : 887-3 Uchigouma, Satte City, Saitama
Admission : Free
Access : a 30-min walk from Satte Station
By Car : a 10-min drive from Satte IC
Parking : 1000 lots available (1000 yen)

PurposeFestivals,Seasonal Flowers,family,cherry blossom viewing,sightseeing
Airport/Sta.satte Sta. (about 2km) Google Transit


5.02 years ago

Amazing place to enjoy sakura. Picnic at the park and enjoy the view. Love the locals. People here are so amazing!

4.0a month ago

I stopped by when the cluster amaryllis was in full bloom.
I was healed by feeling the autumn while feeling the peace of the walk while watching the flowers of the four seasons.

5.0a year ago

Shooting cherry blossoms is recommended in the morning when sunlight hits. The afternoon is backlit and the beauty is halved.

4.02 months ago


5.0a year ago

Visited March 28, 2020. The cherry blossoms and rape blossoms are in full bloom.
It's a wonderful place as rumored.