Oct/24,2020~ May/31, 2021 Nabana-no-Sato Illumination

Sightseeing information about Oct/24,2020~ May/31, 2021 Nabana-no-Sato Illumination in Japan.

Oct/24,2020~ May/31, 2021 Nabana-no-Sato Illumination3.9

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 from 10/24 '20 to 5/31 '21


Main Theme Area
The main area is illuminated with tons of LED lights displaying Japan's beauty in line with a specific theme of each year.
2021's main theme is “Legend of Big tree”.

Aquatic Illumination Area
"The Great River of Light" is the largest on-water illumination of 5-meter wide and 120-meter long in Japan.
The motif is the flow of Kiso Sansen River which flows near Nabana no Sato. Approximately 64 billion LED lights display the changing seasons and natural phenomenons in accordance with music.

Tunnel of Light
The 200m-long light tunnel is created with the most modern LED lights shaped like "cute petals". It made the illumination site of Nabana no Sato so famous in all over the world. And it was chosen one of the “Must visit places before one dies! The world's greatest views”.

Rose Tunnel
There is another 100 meter tunnel of light called “Rose ”. The tunnel is made to look like a never-ending field of rose by pink and green LED lights.

Millennium Garden Area
Blue and green LED lights display the wave of blue ocean surrounding millennium-old olive trees.

Twin Trees
The area of two 20-meter-tall trees called “Twin Trees” decorated in crystal white lights, and the “Light’s Sea of Clouds,” which is a carpeting of blue LED lights is a famous photo spot.

Dates : Oct/24,2020~ May/31, 2021
Hours : lit-up17:00~21:00
Address : 270 Urushibata,Komae,Nagashima-cho,Kuwana City,Mie Prefecture
Access : 10 mins by bus from Kintetsu Nagashima Sta. on Kintetsu Nagoya Line
By Car : about 15mins drive from Wangan Nagashima IC on Isewangan Expressway
Admission : 2,300 yen / elementary school students and older (including 1000 yen coupon for use inside the park)

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5.02 months ago

They made nature and lights in a perfect combination. the place is so perfectly beautiful. Highly recommended to visit while your here in Japan🇯🇵. They have place for drinks and foods 🥪☕ a very clean toilet and there are people who can assist you😊👍

4.02 months ago

an excellent place for a couple to visit. very romantic place and lovely illuminating views. children will also love this place. the entrance fee of ¥2,300 yen includes ¥1,000 coupons where you spend inside the area. quite expensive inside but the beauty compensate the price. we went there by car but there is also a bus to commute.

5.06 months ago

The tunnel was the best thing! Must go place in Japan. Winter illumination is more popular but we went in summer which was not bad as well. Beer Garden is best and most economical place to eat. Not much to do for whole day here people mostly go to Nagashima spa land and come here after 7

5.0a month ago

One of the most beautiful parks in Nagoya.. it looks the best in winter and they have winter illuminations with lot of animations. Many restaurants and cafes are available inside the park and also souvenirs shops are there..!!

5.06 months ago

The park is situated in a small island in Kuwana city at Mie prefecture, it host one of the largest flower festival in the country. I have not seen the light show during winter season which is the years highlight of the park. We visited during the Tulip festival and true enough tulips covers most of the entire outside landscape of the island, there are other types of flower which I would never know the name but was left with eye spectacle and admiration on the display of nature at its best color showing off to the visitors of the park.