~ Jul/26, 2020  Nabana-no-Sato Illumination

Sightseeing information about ~ Jul/26, 2020  Nabana-no-Sato Illumination in Japan.

~ Jul/26, 2020  Nabana-no-Sato Illumination3.9

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 from 5/8 '20 to 7/26 '20


Main Theme Area (~ 6/21)
The main area is illuminated with tons of LED lights displaying Japan's beauty in line with a specific theme of each year.
2020's main theme is “SAKURA ~ The beauties of nature ~”.

Aquatic Illumination Area(~7/26)
"The Great River of Light" is the largest on-water illumination of 5-meter wide and 120-meter long in Japan.
The motif is the flow of Kiso Sansen River which flows near Nabana no Sato. Approximately 64 billion LED lights display the changing seasons and natural phenomenons in accordance with music.

Tunnel of Light (~7/26)
The 200m-long light tunnel is created with the most modern LED lights shaped like "cute petals". It made the illumination site of Nabana no Sato so famous in all over the world. And it was chosen one of the “Must visit places before one dies! The world's greatest views”.

Canola Flower Tunnel(~7/26)
There is another 100 meter tunnel of light called “canola flower”. The tunnel is made to look like a never-ending field of canola flower by yellow and green LED lights.

Millennium Garden Area(~7/26)
Blue and green LED lights display the wave of blue ocean surrounding millennium-old olive trees.

Twin Trees(~7/26)
The area of two 20-meter-tall trees called “Twin Trees” decorated in crystal white lights, and the “Light’s Sea of Clouds,” which is a carpeting of blue LED lights is a famous photo spot.

Dates : May 5 - July 26, 2020
Hours : 10:00~21:00
Address : 270 Urushibata,Komae,Nagashima-cho,Kuwana City,Mie Prefecture
Access : 10 mins by bus from Kintetsu Nagashima Sta. on Kintetsu Nagoya Line
By Car : about 15mins drive from Wangan Nagashima IC on Isewangan Expressway
Admission : 1,600 yen / elementary school students and older (including 1000 yen coupon for use inside the park)

Purposeinstagrammable,night view,Seasonal Flowers,family,sightseeing
Airport/Sta.Kuwana Sta. (about 2.3km) Google Transit


5.04 months ago

Magical place. Easy access to/from this place to the big cities. Information are available in English. There is an entrance fee where you also get two ¥500 voucher (for souvenir/food). There is also a separate fee for this beautiful botanical garden. Inside, there is a cafe.

Nearby: Nagashima Spa Land and Jazz Dream is one bus ride away.

꼭 오세요.

5.05 months ago

Beautiful, even before the cherry blossom season! I went in mid March, just before most of the flowers are in bloom, but there was still plenty to view. Stay for the light show, the tunnel and view from the bridge on the water are incredible and the back illuminations are just breathtaking. Plus, the ticket comes with an 1000 yen coupon voucher, redeemable at any of the eateries and shops on the grounds. I didn't go to the restaurants, but I can say that the ice cream was tasty!

5.07 months ago

Went during December of 2019 and enjoyed the beautiful illumination displays. The trees still bore a hint of autumn and the lighting was phenomenal. Got to ride on the 'Mount Fuji UFO' which was delightful with the sun setting across the horizon. Was a wonderful Christmas experience and I would definitely try to go back during the summer to see how the trees may change colour.

1.05 months ago

Extremely Underwhelming. It takes a long time to get to this place from anywhere, because it's so far from any city. The tickets are expensive and do not even cover the whole park. They still ask for extra money for about 1/4 of the park! The view of the chapel from the bridge is nice. Everything else felt incredibly cheap and without much thought of color combination. The flowers were in full bloom when we visited, but most of them were very bluntly just planted in simple rectangles. The main attraction, a large LED installation, looked horrible! Look it up on YouTube and you'll see what I mean. The whole park can be walked within 10 mins. There's mid-price low quality restaurants all around the place within the park, all large scale. Personally this took away a lot of of the place's charm. I felt like in a tourist trap the whole time.

4.010 months ago

If you love plants and illuminations, this is the place! Possibly one of the best in Japan. The location, however, is a bit far off from other large cities / famous sites, so you do have to make a special trip to visit the Nabana no Sato. I have visited the site three times, and it is packed every single time. Bring something to drink and a jacket, as it can get pretty cold at night from the fall season onward. Also wear comfy shoes since there will be a lot of walking involved.

¥2,300 for the admission ticket during the fall and winter seasons, but it comes with a ¥1,000 voucher. If you want to visit the Begonia Garden, it costs exactly ¥1,000; so you can use the voucher, or spend it on gifts / food at other shops inside instead. Illumination starts at 17:20. Recommend arriving by 16:00 to check out the Begonia Garden and other flowers before the illumination. The projection mapping is absolutely stunning and a must see.

I do wish that there are more places to sit inside to let people rest. The huge crowd also makes it very difficult to capture professional photos / videos. But it is highly recommended for couples and families. The older folks who enjoy plants would love it especially during the daytime when there is less people.