late-June ~ early-July, 2020  Viewing Azaleas at Yunomaru Highland

Sightseeing information about late-June ~ early-July, 2020  Viewing Azaleas at Yunomaru Highland in Japan.

late-June ~ early-July, 2020  Viewing Azaleas at Yunomaru Highland 2.9

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 from 6/19 '20 to 7/5 '20


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, the Yunomaru Azalea Festival has been canceled in 2020.

Yunomaru Highland is located in Tomi city of Nagano Prefecture, right close by the border with Gunma Prefecture, on the western side of the Asama Mountain Range.
From mid-June to early-July, about 600,000 azaleas are in full bloom and they dye the mountain face of Yunomaru Mountain like a vivid red carpet. Also, a gondola to Azalea Plain runs in summer.

Dates: late-June ~ early-July
Gondola : June 19 - July 5, August 8 - 16
Gondola Ticket
Adults : 800 yen / round trip, 500 yen / one way
Children : 500 yen / round trip, 300 yen / one way
Venue: Yunomaru Ski Area
[Train] 45 mins by free shuttle bus from Manza-Kazawaguchi Station,
45 mins by bus from Komoro Station,
30 mins by taxi from Tanaka Station or Shigeno Station,
[Car] 20 mins from the Tobu-Yunomaru IC on Joshinetsu Expressway

*Please check the official website for the latest information.

Purposenature,Seasonal Flowers,mountain climbing
Airport/Sta.Ueda Station (about 15.7km) Google Transit


5.02 months ago

If you hike there in the summer you may be lucky enough to meet a cow!

5.08 months ago

Yeaaayyyy...nice place. Snow snow snow

4.02 years ago

This Ski resort has a number of pistes at the right length with good condition of snow thru out the Winter given its high altitude. The parking is also very close to the pistes and it is not as crowded. Your car may need a set of snow tyre to reach here especially in the middle of Winter.

5.05 months ago

Very nice place for snow sports

4.02 years ago

Even though it was slightly crowded, most slopes had enough space to maneuver. The prices are reasonable and the scenery is above the average mountain.