Jul/18 - Sep/13, 2020 Yomiuri Land Pool WAI

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Jul/18 - Sep/13, 2020 Yomiuri Land Pool WAI3.7

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 from 7/18 '20 to 9/13 '20


* In order to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection, admission tickets to Pool WAI will only be sold by the Internet in limited numbers on designated days in 2020. Please be aware that tickets cannot be purchased at the ticket window. For more details, please check the official website.
*Events such as DanceSplash!! and W’ait Synchronized Swimming Show will be postponed.
*The Beer Garden will not be held.

Yomiuri Land, an amusement park in Tokyo, opens the huge water park "Pool WAI" in this summer.
WAI (Water Amusement Island), which means "water" in Fijian, has five pools and three thrilling slides at Yomiuri Land.
You can enjoy the feeling of a resort while in Tokyo.
The Night Pool (18:00-21:00), which creates a tropical atmosphere with lights and illuminated palm trees, is held on select days from August 1 to September 6. To coincide with the opening of the pool, a Starbucks will open by the pool for the first time in Japan.

There are five pools including a 250-meter long, 1-meter deep flowing pool, a beach-like wave pool, a 5-meter deep diving pool, a 1.1-meter deep swimming pool and a children's pool. (*There will be no "Anpanman Pool" in 2020.)

WAI Pool also has 3 types of slides.
Giant Sky River: 700 yen per person *One-day pass with pool is available. A 4-person rubber boat takes you down a 4-meter wide, 386-meter long, 24.5-meter high slider. (Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by a junior high school student or older).
Slalom Slider: Free of charge. At 107 meters long, this slalom slider offers a variety of curves that don't quite live up to its name. (The minimum height for this slide is 110cm) (For two people, both must be at least 10 years old).
Straight-line Slider: Free of charge. Only 41.5 meters long, but with a maximum slope of 28 degrees! Enjoy speed and thrill!

Venue : Yomiuri Land Pool WAI
Address : 4015-1 Yanokuchi, Inagi City, Tokyo
Dates : July 18 - September 13, 2020
Access :
- From Yomiuri Land Station on Keio Line, take the Odakyu bus or the Sky Shttle gondola.
- From Yomiuri Land-Mae Station on Odakyu Line, take a bus bound for Yomiuri Land.
By Vehicle : a 10-min drive from Inagi Interchange on Chuo Expressway.
Parking Lots : 2000 lots available (1,500 yen)

【Pool WAI Entry Fees】*Pool admission + Amusement park admission fees
Adults ¥3,300
Junior high school students(13-17 years) ¥2,600
Children(3-12 years) ¥2,200
Seniors(65+ years) ¥2,200
Infants(2 and under) Free

【Pool WAI Night Pool Admission Fees】*Pool admission after 6:00pm + Amusement park admission after 6:00pm
Adults ¥2,000
Junior high school students(13-17 years) ¥1,500
Children(3-12 years) ¥1,500
Seniors(65+ years) ¥1,500
Infants(2 and under) Free

【Pool WAI One-Day Pass Including Pool】*Pool admission + Amusement park admission + Unlimited rides
Adults ¥6,100
Junior high school students(13-17 years) ¥4,900
Children(3-12 years) ¥4,000
Seniors(65+ years) ¥4,900
Infants(2 and under) Free

*Please check the official website for the latest information. We can't answer any question about the article.

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3.02 weeks ago

Came on a regular Monday mid August and the place was absolutely slammed. Because of Corona you can only buy tickets online and it's meant to be limited.... Honestly wouldn't want to see a normal day. Staff told me it's limited to 4000 people and if it wasn't Corona it would normally be around 10,000 people. All pools were back to back full of people and to get on the slide was around a 30min wait.
It's good but way to crowded for us.
Looking at the amusement park side it was the opposite and wasn't so busy..

4.0a month ago

Roll coaster is good and swiming pool like it

5.0a year ago

Great place for young kids. Especially if they like Anpanman. The Anpanman Pool features two slides for young kids and lots of characters from the series.
For the adults there are multiple other pools including a wave pool.
Gets pretty crowded though so try to be there early to get a good spot.

3.012 months ago

So it was fantastic the only thing I didn’t realise till too late that my ticket it ended at 17:00 Monday to Friday during the summer and I brought the water park as well as the theme park. 2,900¥Not foreign friendly in meaning everything is in Japanese so either learn it yourself or go with a frd who is Japanese. I went alone Cos my Japanese is fine. The water park was really fun especially the waves Area and did like three encores with RIKu and Michael from Taiwan boy did they say that so often poor guy both were very handsome though. Anyway definitely worth going if your living in Japan. They will refuse you if you have any tattoos at all. Even if you paid for it and show it they are extremely strict on that. So either shut up and cover up if you want to go. Covering like the long swim suits for women or men.

4.04 years ago

Wave pool, flowing pool, diving pool, kiddie pool, and a bit of water slides makes this a great day trip for families. Lots of overly protective life guards.

Lockers and changing areas are available. During the rush, it can be crowded but the staff starts a queue to keep everything orderly.

Queue up early to get a spot in the shade or bring a small canopy tent. Pack a lunch or buy on location from the many fast food choices.