Aug/22, 2020 Naka Sunflower Festival in Naka Sogo Park

Sightseeing information about Aug/22, 2020 Naka Sunflower Festival in Naka Sogo Park in Japan.

Aug/22, 2020 Naka Sunflower Festival in Naka Sogo Park3.8

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 from 8/22 '20 to 8/22 '20


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, the Naka Sunflower Festival has been canceled in 2020. Please check the official website.

Around from mid-August to early-September each year, approximately 250,000 sunflowers are in full bloom in a field of about 4 hectares (3 times the size of the Tokyo Dome) of Naka Park, Ibaraki Prefecture, and a gazebo is set up in the field where you can take pictures of the photogenic scenery.
Also the sunflower maze appears in the field, which is very popular with kids.
The "Naka Himawari Festival" is held on the last Saturday of August every year and features stage events, food stalls, and a fireworks display with about 2,000 fireworks for an impressive finale.
Naka Sunflower Festival in Naka Sogo Park is one of the representative festivals of Naka City, along with the Yaezakura Festival in Shizumine Furusato Park.
The sunflowers are planted every year to be in full bloom in time for this event.

Venue : Naka Sogo Park (Naka Multipurpose Park)
Address : 428-2 Tozaki, Naka City, Ibaraki
Admission : Free
Access :
- Free shuttle bus service available from Kamisugaya Station on the festival day
- an hour walk from Hitachi-konosu Station
By Vehicle : a 10-min drive from Naka Interchange on Joban Expressway.
Parking : 20 lots available

*Please check the official website for the latest information. We can't answer any questions.

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3.02 months ago

It is a holiday today.

3.02 months ago

Due to the heat and lack of water in the sunflower field, the flowers were facing down and I wasn't feeling well. 😞

3.02 months ago

I went there for the first time. It's a masterpiece that the sunflower is spreading so much ❗️ It will be difficult to maintain.

3.02 months ago

The sunflower was very beautiful 🌻

5.0a year ago

It will be difficult to keep the whole park clean that much. In addition, sunflower festival of summer vacation has great difference of sunflower and fireworks display on the last day is the best, so please enter by all means! Moth