mid-August, 2020  Ryujin Gorge Lantern Festival

Sightseeing information about mid-August, 2020  Ryujin Gorge Lantern Festival in Japan.

mid-August, 2020  Ryujin Gorge Lantern Festival3.7

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 from 8/12 '20 to 8/15 '20


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, there's a possibility that facilities and events may be closed or cancelled. Please check the official website.

The 375-meter-long Ryujin Suspension Bridge spans the Ryujin Dam, which impounded the Ryujin River that flows through Ryujin Gorge, one of Ibaraki's most scenic spots.
In mid-August, the Ryujin Gorge Lantern Festival is held in the Ryujin Gorge area around the Ryujin Suspension Bridge.
About 500 lanterns and 100 bamboo lanterns (candles in bamboo tubes) set up around the Ryujin Suspension Bridge are lit, creating a fantastic and romantic atmosphere that is a complete change from the daytime bustle.
Wind chimes from all over the country are lined up on both sides of the bridge, and the cool sounds of the wind chimes echo through the summer night sky.
A variety of other events will also be held during the festival, and the Ryujin Suspension Bridge is free of charge after 5 pm. Also the souvenir shop and the restaurant will be open until 9:00 p.m.

Venue: Ryujin Suspension Bridge
Address : 2133-6 Tenshino-cho, Hitachiota City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Time: 18:00 - 21:00 (until the candles are extinguished)
Fee: Free of charge after 5pm

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Airport/Sta.Fukuroda sta. (about 11.1km) Google Transit


4.0a month ago

Drone overhead footage. Great place to visit but make sure you watch your belongings, even in your car because this is one of the few places in Japan where they will steal them in all of Japan. Items were stolen off my custom bike 4 years ago and on my visit April 11 2021 it seems things have gotten worse. It would be good if they would place security cameras but they still haven’t as of yet. To go across the bridge is not worth the cost and should be lowered because the trip to the other side is nothing to see.

4.07 months ago

Don't come here on a cloudy rainy day if you can avoid it. Free parking but on busier days, if the top parking lot is full, you'll have to park at one of the supplemental parking lots on the mountain and walk up to the bridge.

There's a large gift shop and to walk across the bridge costs a small fee. Aside from the views, there's nothing to do really on the other side of the bridge. So I turn and walk back across again.

There is a bungy jump on the bridge which costs 17000 yen at the time I visited. One of the longest jumps in the world too. Didn't do it sadly as I wasn't part of my pla n. But maybe next time... 😅

5.05 months ago

Beautiful scenery, especially in fall. Great for the whole family. There are hiking trails where people can get close to nature, and also a bungee jump place for thrill seekers.

5.06 months ago

Amazing bridge, and natural beauty is seriously awesome. Just enjoy the view from bridge and you will never forget that moment in your life. Amazing experience.

5.02 months ago

I've been here twice 😊 so relaxing ambiance.
The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan!🇯🇵💕 Love it.