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LICENCED GUIDEH.Shimazaki's Profile


NameHidesada Shimazaki

Cert.No.EN04321 / Tokyo

Japan National
Tourism Organization


Career30 years


Age58 years old

About me:

Hello everyone!
My name is Hide, I work as a licensed tour guide all over Japan.
I would like to show my beautiful and unique country to the foreign guests.
I can talk about history, culture, art, language, nature, food, etc.
I hope to see you soon!

My homepage:
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an estimated guide fee:

about 25,000~50,000yen per dayabout 220~440US$
*Prices shown are intended as a guide only. Accommodation and transportation costs are not included.
*If you want to know concrete guide fee, please directly contact with guides.

Service regions Available:

All japan

Field of expertise:

History & historic placesTraditional cultureNature & outdoorFine arts

Contact me: