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Cert.No.EN00010 / Kyoto

Japan National
Tourism Organization


Career12 years


About me:

Hello, I am Junko, a licensed tour guide in English.
I have lived in Kyoto for more than 40years. I love the ancient capital, Kyoto.
Where would you like to visit in Kyoto?
How about meeting Buddha and appreciating Zen gardens at Buddhist temples? Passing through torii gates at Shinto Shrines should be also exciting. You can enjoy sightseeing in the historical and cultural city in all seasons.
I started guiding in 2014 although I got a license in 1980, as I was a government employee of Kyoto prefecture for many years.
My favorite fields are Buddhism, Shintoism, gardens, tea ceremony, sake tasting and so on.
I will show you around not only popular spots but also little-known places to foreigners. I will arrange your tour according to your interests.
The area I guide covers Kyoto, Nara and Shiga. I mainly guide two or three people in one tour.

an estimated guide fee:

about 15,000~20,000yen per dayabout 137~183US$
*Prices shown are intended as a guide only. Accommodation and transportation costs are not included.
*If you want to know concrete guide fee, please directly contact with guides.

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Field of expertise:

History & historic placesTraditional cultureFood culture

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