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About me:

I'm so happy to know that you are now planning to come to Japan!
I'm a licensed guide, and have guided many tourists from all over the world. Now I'm guiding especially in Tokyo, from famous tourist sites to not-touristy-at-all shopping street or small local shrines and temples. I am an avid walker, so if you wish to find various side of Tokyo through close look at the streets, people's life, etc., it is most appropriate way to "walk and find". Of course, if you don't like to walk too much, I will take you to the places you wish to go by using subways or any other public transportation. I've been walking in Tokyo more than a decade and know it deeply, so that I'm pretty sure that I will make your day an unforgettable one with my "omotenashi" hospitality mind. I look forward to meeting you in Tokyo!

1. The guide fee shown in this page is for one day tour (up to 8 hours).
2. If the tour is less than 4 hours, it is 5,000 yen.
3. Both guide fees (above 1 and 2) are for guiding only, so please pay for any other costs such as transportation, foods, admissions, shopping, accommodations and others for yourself.
4. You don't need to pay for such costs (transportation, foods, admissions, shopping, accommodations) for a guide (for me).
5. You need to pay 100% of guide fee if you cancelled your request within 48 hours to the start time of guiding (i.e., if you cancel your guide at 10am of September 1, 2017 for the guide that starts at 10am of September 3, 2017, I ask you to pay 100% of guide fee. If you cancel at 9am of September 1, 2017 for the guide that starts at 10am of September 3, 2017, no cancel fee charged ). Also if no show, 100% will be charged to you.

an estimated guide fee:

about ~10,000yen per dayabout ~87US$
*Prices shown are intended as a guide only. Accommodation and transportation costs are not included.
*If you want to know concrete guide fee, please directly contact with guides.

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History & historic placesTraditional cultureFood cultureMusic

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