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NameFujio Nakagawa

Cert.No.EN00039 / Ishikawa

Japan National
Tourism Organization


Career11 years


Age81 years old

About me:

Born and having spent most of my life in Kanazawa, I went into the export business for a major high-speed loom maker, where I worked for 38 years.
I have guided foreign tourists in Japan especially in my hometown for over 13 years.
For example, I occasionally worked part time for two years as an English speaking guide when I was a university student in Kyoto.
Soon after leaving the loom maker, I joined Kanazawa Good-will Guide Network in 2000 and had been its coordinator for six years from 2002, currently being its senior adviser. Furthermore, I organized Kanazawa Home-visit Association in 2003 (see HP: that has received over 8,000 visitors from overseas, among whom 1,900 enjoyed experiencing Japanese culture at my home.
In 2012, I established with my friends Licensed Interpreter-guide Net Kanazawa (LINK) and currently I am its coordinator.
I am therefore very familiar with historical, cultural and industrial backgrounds of Kanazawa and its surrounding regions.

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History & historic placesTraditional cultureFood cultureSubcultureNature & outdoorFine artsMusic

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