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Namesamurai joe

Cert.No.EN00043 / Kyoto

Japan National
Tourism Organization


Career61 years


Age92 years old

About me:

Last Samurai Joe Okada,worked 52 years for not only as a tour guide, but also
a sword demonstrator at 500 banquets, 1700 independent shows, 70 Japanese
and 25 overseas TV programs, conducted about 300 group tours.

The Mayor of Kyoto appointed Joe as "Distincuished Master of Kyoto Hospitality"

But, that Tsunami 2011 crashed him down to Zero.

Now , Samurai Joe is coming back with his three trips which no oneelse operates,
you are welcome to join him, though it is subject to his availability.

cost of Joe's tour guide fee:50,000yen for 8 hours, taxies, buses,admissions,meals
are on the guests.(15 min.samurai show free)

Trip A: "Cool Kyoto Walking Tour" Every Saturdays ( minimum 5 guests or 15000yen)
9:45am to 3:00pm,light lunch,10 places to visit (max.30 guests,3000yen a person)

"Semi-private Cool Tour" other week days, hire him at 30,000yen.
If other group joins, at additional 30000yen, the contents will be upgraded.

Trip B. "Private Samurai Show for 30 to 45 min." at 60,000yen
Time, negotiable, Place: available.( from one person to 30 guests)

Trip C. "How to cut apples in the air " Learn this, registered item in the contest of
"The Guiness World Records" Joe's two American students are listed on
"The Guiness books" in 2004 and 2009.
Cost:70,000yen for 5 hours ( for upto 3 persons max) all inclusive.,

Attacahed brochures (small changes now), photos for editing, I thank you in advance,
for assistance.

My mails are :

Sincerity and effort,

The Last Samurai, Joe Okada

Service regions Available:

All japan

Field of expertise:

History & historic placesTraditional cultureFood cultureSubculture

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