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Cert.No.EN00259 / Kyoto

Japan National
Tourism Organization


Career15 years


Age67 years old

About me:

Hi! I'm Tomoko and I'm a national licensed tour guide in Japan.
I specialize in tours of Kyoto, Nara and Osaka.

I have been professionally licensed since 2006 and since then I have guided many people from many countries - individuals, couples and groups.
My favorite way to guide you is with walking tours. That way, you can feel the real charms of the places in a relaxed mood.
You will feel as if you are with a close friend who is both knowledgeable and kind.

I am totally passionate about my country and its culture One of the things I love most is to see people smile and
hear them say "wow" when they learn or see something new. There is an intimacy on my private tours.
Best of all, when you work with me on your plans, it helps to create a relationship even before you get here.

About me? I am an easy going and cheerful person. I have received many "thank you" letters from my clients…
and many have referred to me as knowledgeable, friendly, warm and interesting.
(Sometimes - even funny!)

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Field of expertise:

History & historic placesTraditional cultureFood culture

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