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LICENCED GUIDEY.Hirotoh's Profile


NameYoshinori (Jack) Hirotoh

Cert.No.EN02069 / Tokyo

Japan National
Tourism Organization


Career15 years


About me:

I worked in the Overseas Department for the electronics industry for 33 yeras. After retirement at the age limit, I established independent company and also became a certified guide & interpreter. In addition to living in Canada & the US for over 14 years, I have visited 38 countries. This experience allows me to offer a guide service that will satisfy the visitor to Japan with a cross-cultural and rich human experience. I can offer VIP services as well as interpret for business meetings.

Residence: Tokyo
Telephone: +81-80-3000-6435
Web : email:
Service region available: anywhere in Japan
Language(s) spoken: English & Japanese
Year of license issuance: 2007
Field expertise: history & historic places, food cultures,
business meetings
Guide charge: negotiable (20,000yen~30,000yen)
Terms of payment: Guide -Interpreter regulations terms & conditions

Service regions Available:

All japan

Field of expertise:

History & historic placesTraditional cultureFood culture

Contact me: