Kogasaka Stone Age Ruins

Sightseeing information about Kogasaka Stone Age Ruins in Japan.

Kogasaka Stone Age Ruins (Kogasaka Sekki-jidai Iseki)2.0

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The Kogasaka Stone Age Ruins, the ruins of the Jomon Period settlement consisting of three sites, was discovered in 1925 in Machida City, Tokyo, and was designated as a National Historic Site in 1926 as the first discovery of remains of dwellings in hilly areas. One of the three sites, the Roba Ruins with the remains of the paving stone dwellings at the end of Middle Jomon Period (3520-2470 BCE), is covered by a roofed shelter now and can be viewed through its glass windows. The Inariyama Ruins with stone remains from the end of the Middle (3520-2470 BCE) to Late (2470-500 BCE) Jomon Periods, which is located next to the Roba site, now is buried back for preservation and you can only view the reproduced one on the site. The Hachimandaira Ruins, located on a plateau across a valley, has remains of the paving stone dwellings at the end of the Middle Jomon Period and, as of 2021, a park is under construction around the remains to be opened to the public.
https://www.city.machida.tokyo.jp/bunka/bunka_geijutsu/bunkazai/bunkazaimeguru/kogasaka.html (Japanese)

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Google Maps を見て興味を持って(長時間歩いて)訪れましたが、2021年3月現在、入場不可でした。もう随分長い間閉鎖されているようで、残念です。お役所に予算がないのでしょうか。
他にも、Google Maps を見て訪れる人がありそうなので、御注意ください。

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Excavation is still incomplete or long undeveloped, so you can not visit or visit.

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Kogasaka Stone Age Ruins Behind the Post Office
Hachimantai Ruins
General off limits
I'm looking forward to future developments!
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Cannot enter during construction. 2019.11.17

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It is nothing

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