Motomachi Shopping Street

Sightseeing information about Motomachi Shopping Street in Japan.

Motomachi Shopping Street4.2

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This shopping street with over 100 years of history stretches from Motomoachi Station to the area near Kobe Station. Among old establishments are numerous headquarters of the confectionary shops well-known across the country. The stained-glass arch over the entrance of the arcade was made by Miura Keiko, glassware artist from Wakayama Prefecture, using a distinctive technique.

Along with clothes and cafes, most prominent are shoes and bags, sold at many different shops in the street. There are also plenty of imported goods, a long tradition since Kobe is one of Japan's first port to open itself to international trade. This is spot is worth a visit to enjoy cafes and shopping when you come to Kobe.

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5.0a month ago

Very interesting area to look around . Lots cafe, shops, restaurants ... very trendy and young designed, lots of old hidden building .

3.05 months ago

Most stores open quite late in the morning. Apart from some ubiquitous shops, a range of specialty products and brands are also offered. Overall feels more like a window shopping experience, as there is nothing particularly attractive to buy.

4.03 months ago

Cute street, trendy pricey stores.

4.05 months ago

Spent a lovely afternoon exploring the shops and cafes here!

4.08 months ago

Great shopping experience here. Casual and relaxing atmosphere.

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