Yokohama Ma Zhu Miao Temple

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Yokohama Ma Zhu Miao Temple (Yokohama Masobyo)2.8

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A Chinese temple in the Yokohama Chinatown in Kanagawa Prefecture. It enshrines Ma Zhu (Mazu or Maso), the Chinese Sea Goddess, along with Wenchang Wang the god of learning, Yue Lao (or the Old Man under the Moon) the god of marriage, Madam Linshui the goddess of the safe delivery and Zhu Sheng Niang Niang the goddess of pregnancy. (Japanese)

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4.0a year ago

A beautiful Chinese temple to visit in the heart of Chinatown. Beautiful architecture and designs throughout. Not to big but in a good location

4.011 months ago

This is a temple dedicated to the Chinese Sea Goddess. Great temple, very colourful and worth a visit.

5.0a year ago

This is always a fun temple to visit. Not only does it have a beautiful gate, but the grand dual stairway makes the temple grounds feel much bigger than it is. The Chinese New Year's celebration is always crowded, but worth going for the variety of dance performances and music. The lion dances are great fun as they move through the crowd, "biting" people's heads to give them good fortune. And who wouldn't want to put their head in a celebratory lion's mouth for a year of good fortune?

5.0a year ago

Beautifully kept temple and a wonderful reflection of Chinese style architecture.
Both visit in day light and night light is a must for photographers.

4.0a year ago

Beautiful temple to see in the heart of Yokohama chinatown.

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