Mount Kaimondake

Sightseeing information about Mount Kaimondake in Japan.

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Mount Kaimondake at the southern end of the Satsuma Peninsula is a dormant volcano standing at 924m. It is often referred to as "Satsuma Fuji" because of its perfectly conical shape similar to that of Mount Fuji. A 2-3 hour walk up the gently spiraling trail leads to the top, where you can get unobstructed views of a lake in the north and the ocean in the south. Note that there is no toilet on the route.

There is a nature park at the foot of the southern slopes, and you can see tropical flowers like hibiscus, 500 different edible cactuses, and locally bred horses registered as a national natural monument. The Nagasakibana Cape, 20km east, make a good side trip to visit a lighthouse and a cluster of souvenir shops

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Beautiful volcano, both to look at from a distance and to climb. One of my favourite mountains in Kyushu

5.08 months ago

6 hour hiking. Mid-high level.

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