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Sightseeing information about Cape Toi in Japan.

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At the southern end of Nichinan Coast juts out a 4km-long promontory inhabited by wild horses. Around 100 horses living here are a type of pony and descendents of a few military horses released some three hundred years ago. This species is proper to Japan and was designated a national natural monument in 1953. The visitor center has a museum in its building, that explains in details about the horses and the nature of this cape.

The very end of the cape has a lighthouse standing on the cliff, commanding a good view of the area. The island you can see from the lighthouse is famous for monkeys which wash potatoes at beach. The cape area celebrates a fire festival in late August, based on a legend of a monster serpent.

Airport/Sta.Kagoshima Airport (about 76.8km) Google Transit


5.04 months ago

This place is amazing! Wild horses everywhere, just chilling around in the sun. Even if you get close to take a picture, they will not run away, however be careful please!
I’m not sure how to get there by public transportation, we got there by car.

5.05 months ago

Great chance to see some horses

5.05 months ago

Long drive but great view

4.05 months ago

Peaceful and nice drive there.

5.06 months ago

Met an old mare named Bessie.
She was very kind hearted and allowed her picture to be taken.

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