Yabakei Gorges

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Yabakei Gorges along the upstream of the Yamakuni River are famous for strange-shaped rock formations. The area has numerous hills and cliffs of tuff stone resulting from ancient volcanic eruptions, and is covered with trees of incredible autumn foliage. The point where you can see "eight rocks in one view" offers fantastic scenery.

Rakanji Temple, along one of the gorges, dates back to the 13th century and houses nearly 4,000stone Buddha statues. A monk in the 18th-century, trying to secure a safe route to the temple, spent some 30 years only with a chisel and a hammer to create a 342m-long tunnel, today known as Ao-no-domon. The nearby Takkiri ravine is famed for its 2km-long shallow water walkway with a stream flowing over a gigantic monolith.

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The autumn leaves season is the best, but there are many cars and there are many pedestrians on the side of the road.

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Speaking of Yabakei

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There's just nothing .. The valley of pictures is not here.

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