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Sightseeing information about Fukiji Temple in Japan.

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Fukiji Temple is one of major temples located in the Kunisaki penisula where Buddism flourished. The temple dates from the 8th century and the main hall erected in the 12th century is the oldest wooden structure in Kyushu. The main hall is dedicated to Amida Buddha and is one of the most famous of its kind, along with Byodoin in Uji and Chusonji in Hiraizumi.

Legend has it that the main hall was built from a single Japanese nutmeg tree. You can see colorful wall pictures portraying themes of Buddha, which can be only viewed on a sunny day for preservation. The precincts have huge ginkgo trees that form a golden carpet of fallen leaves in autumn with a backdrop of red maple colors.

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5.02 years ago

The secret is out but this little Temple with it's charming inn is simply amazing.
The food is on a whole new level and the surrounding nature is serene.
Definitely should be on your list when visiting Kunisaki.

5.02 years ago

One of my favorite temples in the Kunisaki area. There is a calmness that is unchanged by time.

5.03 years ago

Absolutely stunning. The history and buddha are amazing.

3.0a month ago

I went there on December 5th, and I saw it when the leaves of ginkgo were scattered all over and it was beautiful.
However, the admission fee of 500 yen is a little expensive, and there are many people who pass by without knowing the fee because it seems that they can not handle it at the window of one grandmother. Perhaps it was easy for a middle-aged woman to speak to her alone, she was stopped and young people and male customers were passing through.

4.0a month ago

This is a picture of November 27th.
It had fallen relatively, but the leaves were still there and it was beautiful. From now on, I'm looking forward to the ginkgo biloba becoming a carpet.
The entrance fee is 500 yen.
The parking lot was also large.
The inside is not so large, so it may be better to come to the last minute to light up.
If you want to secure the best position, it is better to take a place early.

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